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Sunday Best – April 9, 2023

How fortunate I am to be part of the Bioneers community, a group that is unafraid to grieve, unafraid to celebrate, unafraid to dream, unafraid to work towards what might be possible.  What’s possible is not static. What’s possible is ever changing. Some pathways grow thorny, while others suddenly clear.   Dear ones, it’s time […]

Sunday Best – April 2, 2023

Crocus in bloom, Sox back at Fenway, mittens packed away. Dear friends, Spring is on her way to New England, and not a moment too soon.   Before a Departure in Spring      – W.S. Merwin Once more it is April with the first light sifting through the young leaves heavy with dew making […]

Sunday Best – March 26, 2023

My work team is celebrating its sixth anniversary this spring, which sent me on a spiral of investigation about why iron is the traditional 6th anniversary gift, and how it is the element towards which both lighter and heavier elements converge, and how the stars themselves burn out into iron in the end. This has […]

Sunday Best – March 19. 2023

  Years ago, I had the chance through work with Habitat for Humanity to meet President Carter and attend one of the Sunday school classes he taught in Plains, Georgia. The sermon that day was from Peter, and President Carter’s theme was “even though” – the idea that faith is worthy even though – or […]

Sunday Best – March 12, 2023

  I was rushing to work the other day, somehow already feeling behind though the sun had just risen. As I quickened my pace, hitching my heavy bag up on my shoulder and adjusting my headphones so I could hear the CFO’s conference call comments, a flash caught my eye. It was a HAWK! A […]

Sunday Best – March 5, 2023

You cant have anything till another thing shows up.       – Cormac McCarthy, The Passenger   A tree can’t be a forest. A book can’t be a library. A drop can’t be an ocean. A note can’t be a song. A person can’t be a community.   Here’s to the other things, and […]

Sunday Best – February 26, 2023

I’ve been mulling over the differences between awe and wonder lately, in part thanks to this recent terrific conversation between Krista Tippett and Dacher Keltner.  Their discussion stayed with me because Keltner’s work highlights that the most common form of awe is not the Grand Canyon or the Redwoods, but humans awed by one another. […]

Sunday Best – February 19, 2023

  This week has included preparation of a triumphant birthday cake made entirely of potato products for my dear nephew (tots, mashed, chip, and fry), and another made entirely of soft pretzels, croquembouche-style, for my dear sister. (There was a third, composed of fresh vegetables, but no one wants to claim that one.) So much […]

Sunday Best – February 12, 2023

  This week I happened upon a video of a big cracked rock, all dusty and bashed up and completely unremarkable. Sooner than I could scroll past, the rock split in two, revealing the most glorious sight. Inside, it was gleaming and lustrous and endlessly deep. What looked like an ordinary boulder was really a […]

Sunday Best – February 5, 2023

Things I appreciated this week: The flash of a cardinal in the bare lilac tree. The joy of running into an old friend on the street. The man in the park who warned me about the coming cold snap. The finding of my warmest hat, just in time. The goofy texts from my nephew, and […]

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