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Friday Feature – April 21, 2017

Hello Honeybees, and happy Friday! By the end of the work week sometimes your brain’s a little tired, right? Ready for a different sort of engagement. Ready to add a little art to the science of your week. Ready for wonder. Well, look no further.  These wonder-ful images were created by Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards, […]

Friday Feature – April 14, 2017

$1 billion! The Ford Foundation recently announced that they will invest $1 billion of their $12 b endowment in mission-related investments.  This is a Big Deal. It’s the largest commitment of its kind from a private foundation, and the shift builds upon Ford’s sharpened mission in recent years, as they focus on combating inequality. Why is […]

Friday Feature – April 7, 2017

I will freely admit, the mechanics of Washington are mysterious to me. A friend who is a devoted public servant once told me that the way I feel about Washington is the way she feels about Wall Street: from the outside, it is opaque and easy to caricature, but it’s really just like another country where you need to […]

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