Sunday Best – April 3, 2022

Sometimes there is a place or a person or an idea that just lifts us up, a refuge where we know we can exhale and rest and feel safe. It’s easy to appreciate these shelters in times of strain, like the friend who calls at just the right time, or the poem that recognizes a deep sorrow, or the path that leads us through the woods to a sunny clearing.

But a refuge is not a hiding place.

The hidden power of these refuges (places and people and poems) is that they also the spots where we can shine forth in all of our glory. Our shelterers know that they aren’t doing us a favor. They are recognizing our singular and universal awesomeness, allowing it to strengthen and thrive.

Dear ones, may we be all rest on foundations of flourishing.

May we offer the same to others.

And when we all blaze forth,

may we bask in the light.



Brene Brown’s commentary on empathy vs. sympathy is full of wisdom on this front. “Wanna sandwich?”

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