Sunday Best – October 3, 2021

Years ago I viewed a small exhibit of empty wooden picture frames at the O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, which complemented the exhibit of O’Keeffe paintings with views framed by desert bones. In both cases, the key conclusion was simple and profound: framing matters.

I was reminded of those visuals when visiting the amazing Hogpen Hill yesterday, landscape of the statistician, professor, and artist Edward Tufte. Tufte has long been one of my favorite thinkers, in no small part because he is fond of saying, “The presentation of data is a moral act.” 

Everywhere you wander at Hogpen Hill, there are layers and layers of intrigue and beauty and meaning, all influenced by light and arrangement and connection to the land and the viewer. The same is true of his books, each page full of distilled wisdom that shifts with the light of each reader’s questions and experiences.

The framing matters.

And it changes.

Dear ones, how might we adjust the frame on our most familiar truths?

What might we see with fresh eyes?

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