Sunday Best – February 7, 2021

I was working on a thorny analytical question this week and found myself going round and round in circles, frustrated that I had such limited inputs and insights. The question loomed before me, growing in intensity and importance the more I struggled.

It did not help to search harder for those inputs, it did not help to recalculate over and over again, it did not help to squinch up my face in frustration.

What helped was stepping away, and coming back to take a different approach altogether. Putting the question in a bigger context did not give a precise answer, but it stopped the looming sense of struggle. It was like giving up on those jeans from 1995 and finally pulling on pants that fit.

Friends, we do this all the time, trying to force an answer, whether it’s a business plan or a relationship or the universe. It’s great to consider things deeply, but when we feel our faces squinching and our fists closing, let’s see if there’s a different question we could ask, a more essential one. 

Let’s give our questions some room, let the air and the light in around them.

We still might not have answers,

but we’ll be able to breathe.

We’ll be able to see.


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