Sunday Best – November 22, 2020

I was unpacking a box this week and found my calendar planner from early 2020. As you might guess, leafing through it was bittersweet. The college reunion that did not occur, the family vacation that turned into separate stay-cations, the weddings that were delayed, the conferences that were swapped to zooms… for a little while I let myself sit in the wistfulness, to mark the absence of some of these joyful events.

This got me thinking about homecomings, and home-goings, and all of the ways that home can be present. I am at home when I see the light come through the trees in a certain way. I am at home when I read a favorite passage in a favorite book. I am at home when I taste mashed potatoes made with just a few lumps. I am at home when I hear the song that was playing when I first learned to drive, or the one that is new to me but old to my heart. I am at home when I sit on “my” bench in the public garden. I am at home when I hear a new idea, and feel that little spark of my mind stretching out. I am at home when I visit with my bees, I am at home when I see a dear friend, whether virtual or real life or in my own dreams.

Dear ones, we may not be where we planned to be this year, but we can still be home.

For this, I am thankful.


Friends, we have a Thanksgiving treat for you! If you have enjoyed the Month of Sundays book, and especially if you plan to buy gift copies for the holidays, we’ll be happy to send you a few beautiful letterpress bookmarks featuring images from the book. These lovely products have been handmade by the amazing Christa Alexandra Designs, the mastermind behind the stunning design and illustration of Month of Sundays.

Just go to the simple form on the Month of Sundays site and we’ll get them right to you! With thanks for all of your support, and for your sharing the book with others.

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