Sunday Best – May 14, 2017

For to the bee, a flower is the fountain of life;

And to the flower, a bee is the messenger of love.

   – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Would you rather be the flower or the bee?

We live in a transactional world, where exchange often comes loaded with caution and suspicion. Who is taking advantage of whom? Is the flower a fool? Is the bee a sucker?*


Look how exchange happens in the real world: most of the time, there is mutual benefit, or benefit on one side without harm on the other. We do not live in a zero sum, winner-take-all world.

Pollination is far more common than predation.

So would you rather be the flower or the bee?  A better question might be,

How will you pollinate?


*  Okay, the bee is literally a sucker, taking up all that nectar.  But she’s no fool!

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